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Die on Emaan.

He made only one request to everyone he met: "Pray for me that my end may be in faith."

  People used to pray for his well-being, progress, health and position, but he would stop him and say, "Your prayers are over your eyes, but please pray for me only, may Allah grant me a death like Abdul Ghafoor." We used to ask in amazement, "Sir, who was this Abdul Ghafoor?" He would laugh and avoid our question.

 Aziz was well-educated in every way. He was highly educated. He had a business degree from Harvard University in the 1970s. He was also a scholar. He slept on a pile of books and a blanket of books. I used to wake up. Every good book that was published in the world would reach Aziz Sahib and Aziz Sahib would mix it and drink it. Allah Almighty had blessed him with the blessing of health.

  At the age of 72, he carried the body of a 22-year-old man. He had never had a headache in his life. He was also a wealthy man by birth. His father was also a landowner and an industrialist. He was the owner of flour mills. He used to grind his wheat and sell it and earn millions.

 He was the only child of his parents, so all the wealth and property of the family was transferred to him and Allah Almighty blessed him with happy and educated children. He was living a wonderful life, but he always prayed for death like Abdul Ghafoor himself and kept asking others to do the same. When we asked him the reason, he would say, "Just Abdul Ghafoor told me straight and right." The path was shown. May Allah Almighty grant him millions of heavens.

   And they would go silent after that. It was the 1993 Hajj. He called me.
 He met me with love and said, "I am going on Hajj and I may not be able to return from there. Whenever I remember you, pray for the end of faith for my children." "I looked at him in amazement and asked, 'How can you say that you will not return from Hajj and why are you praying for your children instead of yourself this time?'" He laughed and said, "You ask me." Always wanted to hear Abdul Ghafoor's story.

 I think now is the time to tell and tell that story. You listen to Abdul Ghafoor's story. You will understand me. ”He paused and then said in a low voice,“ Abdul Ghafoor was employed in our Lahore mill.

  He was a thief, lazy and deceitful. He used to steal and sell wheat and flour from the mill. He was also cheap in his work and he was also greedy. We decided to take him out several times. I used to stop because of my father, my father advised.

 Don't fire any employee after me 'Abdul Ghafoor I inherited from my father so I was forced to bear it' Abdul Ghafoor had never seen anyone pray salaht in his life and did no good deeds. 

 He used to smoke cigarettes and smoke marijuana. He had been in debt all his life.

 We used to send one of our employees on Hajj every year. We used to draw lots to determine this employee. We used to draw lots for one year. Abdul Ghafoor The name came out.

 We offered him Hajj but he refused. People explained to him but he did not accept so we sent another employee. Next year his name came up again. Abdul Ghafoor also refused this year. We drew again. His name came up again. We drew the third time. Then Abdul Ghafoor's name came up. We did not put Abdul Ghafoor's slip in the jar for the fourth time for the experiment and replaced it with an empty slip. When he took out the slip for the fourth time, it turned out to be empty, as if Allah Almighty wanted Abdul Ghafoor to perform Hajj in any case.

 But he was not believing. We insisted on it but he said I can't even pray. What will I do after Hajj? I finally made a deal with him. I told him you Go on Hajj. I will give you extra salary for the whole year. He became greedy. I arranged for Maulvi Sahib. Maulvi Sahib taught him the method of prayer and Hajj.

 He memorized prayers and verses and we taught him. Departed for Hajj, Abdul Ghafoor went on Hajj, performed Hajj, bid farewell to Tawaf.
 He offered the last prayer of Isha. He went into prostration and died in prostration. He remained in prostration for a long time after his death. The Imam of the Ka'bah also passed away. The next morning was the funeral of the Imam of the Ka'bah. Abdul Ghafoor's body was also placed with the Imam of the Ka'bah in front of the Black Room and millions of pilgrims read his funeral. I asked, "We asked his wife."

 His wife said, "If Allah Almighty has called him Ka'bah, then his burial should also be done in Makkah." We allowed his burial and thus he was buried in Makkah. But I was surprised. I went to his wife and asked her the reason for Abdul Ghafoor's good fortune. Wife said a strange thing.

 She said, "My husband had no good. He has never done any good in his life." No, I was wondering what kind of reward Allah Almighty gave him.

 I kept thinking for days. Then I suddenly remembered a good habit of hers. There is a beautiful widow in our neighborhood. She became a widow in her youth. All the badman in the neighborhood looked down on her. The house was given to her by her late husband. The expenses of the house were borne by her brother-in-law but she could not make ends meet due to high prices. She wanted to educate her daughters. She used to go to work in other people's houses for her. But wherever she went, people would lay their hands on her honor.

 So she was forced to quit her job. When my husband found out, he became her shield. He made her his sister. He took his sister home and sent her two daughters to school. "He used to take loans from people, steal from your factory and educate these girls. 

He used to come to his sister's house ten days later in a week to give rations, but he used to give rations or girls' uniforms." She never crossed the threshold of her house paying for books and fees.

 He would put all these things in a big basket. He would put the basket on the widow's door. He would knock on the door and say, "Sister Mary, I have put the luggage outside." You pick it up. 

 We thought this prayer was strange, but we kept quiet. You tried to send him on Hajj last year, but he refused, thinking that if Saudi Arabia Sister Maryam will feel helpless when she leaves.

 He did not want to go this time either but you gave him extra salary for the whole year. Abdul Ghafoor gave all that money to his sister Maryam. He went on Hajj. His time was up so Allah Almighty forced him. 

 Mecca was called. Sister Maryam's prayer was accepted and my husband went to Allah Almighty in a great state of faith. You will be surprised. When Maryam sister heard this news, she said, "Praise be to Allah." I took a deep breath and then said, "I can hear this story."

 I then went to Maryam's sister's house and I took the responsibility of this family like Abdul Ghafoor. I have been begging Maryam's sister Abdul Ghafoor's wife and all my friends since that day. Please pray for me. I myself pray for the end of faith hundreds of times a day. I have never performed Hajj in my life. I have been waiting for a call like Abdul Ghafoor for fifteen years. Allah has finally heard me. So, like Abdul Ghafoor, I am being forcibly summoned.

 I am leaving, I am sure Allah will give me death like Abdul Ghafoor. ”He paused, wiped away the tears of joy, hugged me to his chest and went to his bedroom. I sat in his drawing room for a long time. A day later, he went on Hajj, performed Hajj, went to Madinah, went to the Prophet's Mosque for Isha prayers, prostrated and was called by Allah Almighty. He was buried in Janat al-Baqi near the Companions. Allah accept him and he did like Abdul Ghafoor.

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