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Go for Hajj but can't perform

 Hazrat Syedna Rabi 'ibn Salman
(may Allah have mercy on him) narrates a faith-inspiring incident that I was once going on Hajj with some people.

 My brother was with me too.
 When we arrived in Kufa, I went to the bazaar to buy travel necessities.
 There, in a deserted place, I saw a dead mule, and a woman in very old and rotten clothes was cutting her flesh with a knife and putting it in a bag.

 I thought that this woman might be a baker and cook the carcass and feed it to the people. So I must do some research on it, so I followed her secretly. As she walked to the door of a house Arrived, she knocked on the door and was asked from inside: "Who?"
 She replied: "Open!" I am the only one who is miserable.

 ”When she opened the door, I saw that there were four girls whose faces were dripping with misery and misery.
 The woman entered and the door closed.
 I hurried to the door and peeked through the holes. I saw that inside the house was completely empty and ruined.
 The woman placed the bag in front of the girls and began to cry: "Look! Cook it and give thanks to Allah Almighty.
 The girls cut the meat and began to fry it on wood.
 My heart was hurt by this and I called out from outside, “O servant of Allah! Don't eat it for God's sake.
 "She began to ask:"
 Who are you?
 ”I replied:
 I am a foreigner. 
"She said:" We are prisoners of our own destiny. We have not had any helper for three years. What do you want from us? "
 I said, "It is not permissible to eat dead bodies in any religion except a sect of Magians."
 She said, "We are from the family of the Prophet. Our father has passed away. We know that it is not permissible to eat the dead, but we have a four-day fast and in such a case the dead become permissible.

 I cried when I heard their situation,
 I told them to wait and came back and said to my brother,
 "My intention is not to perform Hajj."
 My brother understood me a lot or told me about virtues etc.
 I said, "Just don't talk too long." 
Then I took my ihraam and all my belongings and bought a hundred dirhams of cloth out of six hundred dirhams in cash and a hundred dirhams of flour and hid the rest of the money in this flour for this woman. Take her home and give her everything.
 She began to give thanks to Allah Almighty and said: “O Ibn Salman! May Allah forgive you all your past and present sins and grant you the reward of Hajj and grant you a place in Paradise and grant you a reward in this world which is the reward of this world.
 The eldest girl among them said: "May Allah reward you twice as much and forgive your sins."

 The other girl said, "Allah bless you."
 May Allah grant you more than what you have given us. "
 The third said, "May Allah Almighty resurrect you with our grandfather Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him)."

 The fourth said, “O Allah! Whoever has been gracious to us, bestow upon him the bounty of forgiveness, and forgive him his past and present sins. ”

 Then I came back.
 I was forced to stop in Kufa and the rest of the companions left for Hajj.

 When the pilgrims started returning, I thought, "I will welcome them and ask them to pray for me. Maybe someone's popular prayer will appeal to me."
 "When I saw the caravan of pilgrims, I cried helplessly for being deprived of my Hajj.

 When I met him, he said: "May Allah accept your Hajj and reward you for your expenses."
 One of them asked
 "How is this prayer?" I said.
 "This is the prayer of the person who is not present at the door."
 They began to say, "It is very strange that you are now refusing to go there. Were you not with us in the field of Arafat? ... Did you not play with us? ... and what did you do to us?
 Didn't you do Tawaf together? ”

 I began to wonder in my heart that the caravan of my city also came in that number.
 I said, "May Allah accept your efforts." So they also began to say, "Were you not with us at Arafat?
 And now refuses. "
 Then one of them came forward and said, "Brother, why do you refuse now?"
 Were you not with us in Mecca and Medina?
 And we were returning after visiting the grave of Anwar, the great intercessor, peace be upon him, and because of the rush, you had entrusted this bag to me, on the seal of which is written: 

 It deals with us, it makes a profit, now take this bag back. ”
 Hazrat Syedna Rabi 'bin Salman (may Allah have mercy on him) says, "I had never seen this bag before. I took it and returned home."
 After Isha, he fulfilled his duty and kept waking up thinking, what is the matter? Suddenly, I sleep.
 In a dream, I visited Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). I greeted the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and kissed his hand.
 “Dear Muhammad (sali Allahu alayhi wa sallam”) replied with a smile and say something like this.

  “O Rabi '! How many witnesses can we establish on the subject of Hajj? 

 Not at all, listen when you gave charity to one of my children and postponed your Hajj by sacrificing your son.
 So I prayed to Allah Almighty to give you a good reward for it.
 So Allah Almighty made an angel in your form and ordered him to perform Hajj on your behalf every year till the Day of Resurrection.

 And in this world you have been rewarded for giving six hundred dinaar in exchange for six hundred dirhams, so keep your eyes cool. ”

  Hazrat Syedna Rabi 'bin Salman (may Allah have mercy on him) says that when I woke up and opened the bag, there were only six hundred Dinaar among them.

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