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Lovely Daughters.

Hazrat Dahiya Qalbi (RA) was very beautiful. The commentator writes that his beauty was such that the women of Arabia used to stand behind the doors and see Hazrat Dahiya Qalbi secretly. But he did not become a Muslim at that time. One day, Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (peace be upon him), the crown prince of Madinah, saw the face of Hazrat Dahiya Qalbi that he is such a beautiful young man. 

 Muhammad (peace be upon him) prayed to Allah Almighty at night O Allah has made such a beautiful young man, put the love of Islam in his heart, make him a Muslim, save such a beautiful young man from hell. At night he prayed. In the morning, Hazrat Dahiya Qalbi (RA) came to the service of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

 Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said: I am the Messenger of Allah and Allah is One. It has no partners. Then he told Hazrat Dahiya Qalbi about Tawheed and Prophethood. Hazrat Dahiya said; I may become a Muslim in the Prophet of Allah, but I am always afraid of one thing. One sin I have committed is that Allah will never forgive me. He said: O Dahiya, tell me, what is your sin? So Hazrat Dahiya Qalbi said; Or I am the head of my tribe in Rasoolullah. And in our country, when daughters are born, they are buried alive. 

 Because I am the chief of the tribe, I have buried the daughters of seventy houses alive. Your Lord will never forgive me. At that time, Hazrat Jibril Amin (as) came;
 O the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, says, "Peace be upon you," and says, "Never commit such a sin after what has happened so far." We forgave.
 Hazrat Dahiya heard this from your tongue and started crying. He said, "Dahiya, what has happened now?" Why are you crying?

 Hazrat Dahiya Qalbi began to say; O Messenger of Allah, I have another sin which your Lord will never forgive. He said, "What is the sin of Dahiya?" Tell me
 Hazrat Dahiya began to say: O Messenger of Allah, my wife was pregnant and I had to go to another country for some work. As I was leaving, I told my wife to raise him if he had a son then good,
 and to bury him alive if he had a daughter. Dahiya is crying and telling the story. When I got home a long time later, I knocked on the door. A little girl opened the door and asked who? I said: Who are you? So she said; I am the daughter of the owner of this house. 

 who are you? Dahiya began to say; O the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: If you are the daughter of the owner of this house, then I am the owner of this house. O Messenger of Allah! It was too late for me to say that this little girl grabbed me by the legs and started talking. Baba Baba Baba Baba Where did you go? Baba, how long have I been waiting for you? Hazrat Dahiya Qalbi is crying and says O Prophet of Allah! I pushed my daughter and went to my wife and asked her. 

 Who is this girl ? The wife began to cry and said she is your daughter O Messenger of Allah! I did not feel any pity. I thought I was the chief of the tribe. If he did not bury my daughter, people would say that he kept burying our daughters and loved his daughter. 

 Tears welled up in Dahiya's eyes. Or Rasoolullah that girl was very beautiful, very beautiful. My heart was trying to hold it to my chest. 

  When I left the house to get my daughter ready, my wife grabbed my feet. Don't kill him. Dahiya, she is your daughter.
 The mother is the mother after all. I pushed my wife back and walked away with the baby. On the way my daughter said Dad, are you taking me to grandma's house? Dad, are you going to give me toys? Baba, where are we going? Dahiya Qalbi cries and narrates the incident. O Messenger of Allah! I did not answer the girl's questions. She is asking, "Where did Baba go?" Sometimes she kisses my mouth, sometimes she wraps her arms around my neck. But I don't say anything. 

 I went to a place and sat him down and started digging his grave myself. The Holy Prophet (sws) is hearing the incident from the tongue of Dahiya and is crying. When my daughter saw that my father was working hard in the sun, she got up and came to me. She takes off the small scarf around her neck and wipes the sand from my face. Why is Baba working in the sun? Come to the shadows. Why is Baba digging this place? Baba, it is hot. Come to the shade. 

 And at the same time my sweat and dirt is getting clean. But I did not feel sorry for him. Finally, when the grave was dug, my daughter came. I pushed. She fell into the grave and I started throwing sand. The girl cried in the sand, folded her little hands in front of me and said. Baba doesn't take toys. Baba doesn't go to Nani's house. Baba, if you don't like my shape, I will never come in front of you. Dad, don't hit me like that.

  O the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) i put him in the sand. I did not feel sorry for him. When the dust on my daughter was full and her head was left, my daughter turned her attention away from me and spoke. My lord, I have heard that a prophet will come to you who will honor the daughters. Which will save the honor of the daughters. O Allah, send that prophet, daughters are dying.  

Then I buried him in the sand. Hazrat Dahiya Qalbi (RA) wept profusely while narrating the incident. When he narrated this incident, he saw that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) was weeping so much that his beard got wet with blessed tears. The story of the daughter who died while I was waiting for Muhammad.  

He heard this incident three times and wept so much that the Companions, seeing him, began to weep and said: O Dahiya, why does our master weep? We can't stand it.  

When he heard the incident from Hazrat Dahiya three times.
  In the meantime, jabriel (peace be upon him) came and said: O Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him)! Allah says peace be upon him and says: O beloved Prophet! Tell Dahiya that he was at a time when he did not believe in Allah and the Prophet. Now that he has accepted me and you, we have forgiven this sin of Dahiya too.

  Then the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: He who takes care of two daughters, raises them, fulfills their duties, will be with me on the Day of Resurrection as he bears witness and the finger that accompanies him. Are.
 This is the significance of one who has brought up two daughters. What is the significance of one who has brought up three or four or five daughters?
 Don't worry about the birth of daughters. They have great respect for their parents and these daughters are a special mercy of Allah.

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