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Lovely Mothers.

The man loves the woman while the
woman loves her children, I came to realize that night, it was a spring night of the last year of the last century. I was married almost two years ago. And the older son has been around for about a year.

         There were three people in the room that night, me, my son and his mother! Two out of three people had a fever, I had no one hundred four grade and my son one hundred one grade. Even though my condition was much worse than my son's. However, I found that there were only two people in the room, my son and his mother. 

             The feeling of being badly ignored has made my thoughts a lot worse, but the belief in horse racing is that the name of the woman is that when she is honored, she is again shown to be something other than her children. Does not give. Even with my husband, and especially when her children are in trouble, I have drawn one more conclusion with this result, and that * if my son's pain is in the middle of my son's pain, then of course my treatment. My mom would have a blanket.

            The idea was that I got up from the bed and walked towards Mom's room. It was two o'clock in the night, but as soon as I opened the door to their room, they immediately got up and sat like I was waiting for them. What was then, adopted exactly like a year old child. And with such heavy doses of attention and love, my ego therapy that I was completely healed by morning. 

             Then, as I made the rule, whenever a victim of a minor problem or illness, instead of going to a doctor or a doctor, he would go straight to the central care clinic for attention and treatment. No need The seriousness of the problem is estimated only by looking at my appearance. Medical Emergency Declaration. I was laid on the bed of the Medical Superintendent (Mom) and covered in blankets, if someone was ordered to refrigerate, to have someone breastfeed, to have a family physician emergency, the same heavy dose of attention and love. There was a priori therapy and I was discharged from the hospital for a few hours and sometimes a few hours depending on the nature of the illness.

                            This continued for about three months. It was a mid-November evening, when I left the factory for home, I realized that I was not fully healthy, so I decided to have ego therapy and attend mom's service instead of going home. Got it, but got there and saw the same scene. Mommy's own condition was very uneventful due to the lung diseases that have been going on for the past several days.

              I lost my temper by forgetting myself, giving different medications, trying well-known food tips. After a couple of hours of agony, she recovered her fist and fell asleep. I got up and went home. Half an hour had just arrived home, the phone rang, it was a little brother's number, so we walked in a moment. Quickly picked up the phone and asked as soon as she left, brother is all right, brother said all is well * She is actually asking mommy how was your nature now …… 

    Oh my God ...
                In my mind, the definition of mother was complete. The mother is the person who looks after her children in distress and forgets their own sorrow.

        * Today, it has been a month and eight days since my mother went to Rahman's mercy(died). Today I have a fever again, in desperate need of aphrodisiac therapy. But my main focus on healing and treatment is permanently closed. I need guidance from your friends. How can I be okay now?

  There is no substitute for the blessings of parents, if you can't give them anything, fine, but give them the precious time in your life that makes them realize that they are very important to you *.
 * Parents need you, not your money, not the medicine you send and any thing else. 

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