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Two beautiful stories.

most precious thing in the treasury of Allah is guidance. In this blessed month , let us ask God for guidance for ourselves and the entire Ummah. What is a recipe? The fact that I will follow the teachings of Allah and the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and leave all rituals and personal desires to the command of Allah and the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). I will live my whole life according to the method.

 Allah Almighty for the hard work of guidance More or less one hundred thousand Prophets (peace be upon them) were sent into the world. Our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) was sent by Allah Almighty as the last Prophet, so now it is obligatory on every Muslim man and woman to protect the religion that he (peace be upon him). Allah (swt) brought him to this world. The protection of religion is in the work of religion. The work of religion is the responsibility of every Muslim. And the turning of hearts is in the hands of Allah. A Companion whose name is Sassah bin Najia. He came to the service of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and told him that before he converted to Islam, he was once go to feed his camels outside Madinah when he came back after feeding camels and counting the number of among them two short. 

I sat down and went in search of them. When I came out of Madinah, I saw my camels standing among the camels of a Bedouin in a town in Madinah. When I went to this Bedouin's house, I saw him sitting outside the house. When I approached him, there was a roaring sound coming from his house. I asked him, "Brother, what is this sound like? Can I help you?" Can i So he said, "Brother, go and do your work." In the meantime, a woman came out of his house and told him that her daughter had been born. Hearing her daughter's face, the color of her face changed. ۔ I told him about my lost camels and told him to take these two camels and give them to me. Because you have to bury him in the ground anyway. Hearing this, he got ready immediately. 

On the condition that you accompany these two camels on which you have come riding. Then I will save your daughter. I will hand it over. I gave the three camels to him and took the girl back on foot and came to my house. After that day, I would go to every house in every settlement in the vicinity of Madinah Munawwar and get information about the house in which the child was to be born. If a girl was born, he would give her three camels and bring her. In this way, I saved the lives of more than three hundred girls, brought them up and married them when they grew up. O Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless me. What will be the reward in return? Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) replied to Sahabi (may Allah be pleased with him) that Allah Almighty has given you the wealth of Islam and faith, this is the reward of this goodness. 

If we want Allah Almighty to guide us and help us to follow the religion of Islam, then let us look around and see that we are sacrificing our lives, wealth and time to eliminate the sins that are happening. And start the work of religion to revive religion in the whole world. God willing! May Allah Almighty guide us and make us the source of guidance for the whole world. May Allah help us all to act.

Second story.
 An other beautiful advise very special and valuable. A scholar was walking through the fields with one of his disciples. As he walked, he saw a rotten shoe on the sidewalk. It was clear that he belonged to a old poor man. After finishing labor in a nearby field, they will wear it and go home. The student said to the teacher; Presence! How do you do all this cool stuff? They hide themselves by moving their shoes around. If the person doesn't come and find the shoe, their reaction will be interesting. 

The teacher said; Son, associating the joys of your heart with the worries of others is by no means a desirable act. My son, the favors of your Lord are upon you. Instead of enjoying such an ugly act, with a blessing from your Lord, you can reap happiness and bliss in another way. Even for myself and for this poor laborer. Take some cash out of your pocket and put it in both shoes. Then we will secretly see what will happen. The student obeyed and both the teacher and the student hid behind the bushes. The work was over, the elder husband turned on and put his foot in the shoe ... So when the rupee hit his foot, he took off his shoe with a rush and the rupee came out of it. 

A straing and hurriedly turned the other shoe and the money came out of it. Now the big ones meet the eyes, turn the right and left eyes. Convinced that there are no dreams, the eyes fill with tears of gratitude. The elders fall in prostration. Both the teacher and the student hear that they are praying to their Lord. My lord How can I thank you, my gracious Lord? You knew my wife was sick, the children were hungry, and wages were falling. How did you help me With this money, the sick wife will also be treated and a few days' ration will also come. On the other hand, they were praying to their Lord with the same weeping and wailing. On the other hand, the mixed feelings of both the teacher and the student and their eyes were also full of tears.

 After a while, the student kissed his hand and asked, "Dear teacher!" I will never forget your lesson today. You have shown me the purpose of life and the way to real happiness. The teacher, knowing the opportunity, spoke up, son! Not only giving money but also forgiving someone in spite of nature. Praying in absentia for Muslim brothers and sisters. In the absence of a Muslim brother or sister, his honor is protected. May Allah Almighty grant us all the ability to serve the whole of humanity.

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