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How Create Purity in Your Children.


There are some requests in the service of those who want the best training of their children's character, which will create purity in your children, God willing.

 1. Don't leave children alone for too long.

  Nowadays, when children are neglected by giving them facilities like separate room, computer and mobile, it is absolutely wrong. Keep an unobtrusive eye on children.

 And especially don't let them sit in your room with the door closed. Because loneliness breeds evil thoughts. This leads to negative thoughts in children and they become victims of wrong activities.

 2- Pay special attention to children's friends and girlfriends. So that you know what kind of people your child is interacting with.

 3- Do not allow children and friends to sit with them in a closed room.

 If your child insists on sitting in his own room, keep checking from time to time with some excuse.

 4- Don't leave children idle. An idle mind is a devil's shop, and a child's mind is as clear as a slate. From infancy they are in the age when their mind immediately accepts the effect of everything, good or bad. So keep them engaged in a healthy hobby while watching their interest.

 TV is not the best pastime but a machine for generating successful ideas and video games make children numb and violent.

 5- Sports that involve a lot of physical exertion are best for children. So that the child gets very tired in sports and gets a good deep sleep.

 6- Keep an eye on children's friends and activities.

 Keep in mind being a parent is a full time job. Allah Almighty has blessed you with children and imposed a heavy responsibility on you.

 7- Killing children before they are born out of fear of lack of sustenance is not only murder, but also leaving them unrestrained to become the fuel of hell by poorly educating their children is tantamount to killing them.

 8- Always try your children to pray and make it a habit to stay clean and tidy at all times.

 When your children have the purity of body and clothing then it has a positive effect on the mind and soul of your children.

 9- Prohibit girls from lying upright and boys from lying upside down.

 Hazrat Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) used to be harsh on the girls and boys of his house.

 Lying in these two postures brings more thoughts. Make it a habit for children to lie on their right side.

 * Towards puberty, when children spend more time in the washroom than usual, get upset and explain to them gently. Warn them if they have repeated complaints in this regard. Explain the boys to their fathers and the girls to their mothers.

 10- Do not allow children to touch their specific organs from childhood. This habit can lead to moral decline and adultery in children later in life or later in adolescence.

 11-/ Prohibit children from hanging out with strangers. And if he is abusive or too close to a relative, find out the reason with imperceptible love.

 12- Separate the bed and, if possible, the room for children from the age of 5 or 6 so that their innocence can last for a long time.

 13- Keep checking children's rooms and things imperceptibly.

 You need to know what kind of things your children's wardrobe is full of. The problem is that in today's world the monster of privacy has been imposed on us with the help of media.

 Protect yourself and your children from this. Because parenting is also a parent's responsibility.

 * Remember you are the parents of the children, in this day and age the media is trying hard to reduce the position of the parents in the eyes of the children. We need to make our children feel good about ourselves through our compassionate actions and guide them through the physical changes that take place in them during adolescence so that they can follow the wrong kind of information received from outside the home. Don't ruin life.

 14- Let the children go to bed when they are getting a good night's sleep. And when they get up, don't lie on the bed anymore.

 15- Parents should avoid physical intimacy with each other in front of their children.

 Otherwise, children will become prematurely aware of the things that should be learned at an appropriate age. Parents should also use modest and polite words while reprimanding their children for their mistakes. Otherwise, the children become premature and the parents have to suffer the consequences.

 16- If you are thirteen or fourteen years old, explain to the boys the interpretation of Surah Yusuf and Surah An-Noor to their father and daughters or read it from a scholar. How Hazrat Yusuf (as), being extremely beautiful and young, did not stray at the instigation of a woman possessing unparalleled beauty. In return, they were counted among the closest servants of Allah Almighty. In this way, the children will not consider their chastity as a trivial matter and will protect their chastity.

  In the end, the request is to make it clear in their minds that if they fast in this world, then they will break their fast in a halal way in the Hereafter under the shadow of the Throne of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala.

 May Allah protect the infallibility of all the children of the Muslim Ummah and keep them safe from Satan and his followers. Amen!

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