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How Gain Self Confidence?

Self-confidence is usually gained by doing or not doing something in the past. It tells us how we feel about ourselves. Our own values ​​reflect our own past performance. We measure our self-esteem by the way we perform in the past, and often we expect ourselves to perform well in every way. If we do not do our best, we begin to lose our value in our eyes.

     We are very much influenced by our society which likes our best performance and emphasizes on winning and best performance. We often overlook the fact that we can better test ourselves despite our mistakes. While it is natural for us to think about our performance, we must also learn to value ourselves, including our mistakes. Similarly, it is natural for us to think about our good performance but we should also enjoy our mistakes. Think back to your childhood. We used to be so confident and we didn't even realize it. We were valued as a human being then, as a part of this world. Our own dignity in the eyes of the people and in our own eyes does not take into account our performance.

        As a conscious human being, we always think that there is a good reason for our presence in this world. We strive to maintain our dignity in the eyes of others, and we value the dignity bestowed by those people. We waste a lot of our time on this and we forget the fact that we are the best in our current place, because no human being can be perfect.

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 10 habits of self-confident people

 If there is confidence in the personality, progress in life is possible in spite of low education, while lack of self-confidence also weakens higher education and ability. In fact, real confidence fills a personality with magic. When that happens people believe in themselves and their abilities and self-confident people are certain things they avoid doing which are as follows by Dawn.

 1 .... do not justify.

 The only thing self-confident people believe in is personal influence, they believe they can make things happen, which is why such people never get stuck in traffic due to delays or lack of progress. Don't complain, in fact such people never make excuses or justify because they believe they have control over their lives.

 2 .... They do not lose heart.

 People with a wealth of self-confidence do not give up when their first attempt fails, they see the difficulties and failures in the work as an obstacle that has to be overcome. They try to complete one thing over and over again, but they also try to find out what is the cause of their failure and how to avoid it next time.

 3 ... They don't wait to get permission to work.

 Self-confident people don't have to be told what to do or how to do it, they waste their time and work without asking questions, they just want to get their work done and get it done.

 4 ... They don't want attention.

 People don't like people who are eager to get attention, self-confident people know how effective they are and they are not interested in proving themselves important. Such people just try to create the right attitude in themselves and they also draw attention to the work of other people.

 5 .... They don't need constant praise

 Have you ever seen someone who wants people to appreciate him constantly? Self-confident people don't do that, they don't think their success depends on other people's praise and they think that no matter how good they do, there will always be someone who will criticize.

 6 .... They do not delay work.

 Why do people procrastinate? Sometimes it is just because they are lazy, but sometimes it is because they are afraid, that is, fear of change, failure or maybe success. Self-confident people do not procrastinate because they believe in themselves and expect that their actions will bring them closer to the goal.

 7 ... Do not compare with other people.

 Such people do not impose their decisions on others because they know that everyone has something special, and they do not need to discourage other people to feel good about themselves. Comparing yourself to others limits personality. As a result of self-confidence, people do not waste their time in comparison with other people.

 8 .... Do not try to avoid conflict.

 In the eyes of self-confident people, conflict is not something to be avoided at all costs, but they see it as how to deal with it effectively. They do not hesitate to make unpleasant conversations or make decisions because they know that conflict is a part of life.

 9 ... Do not let the lack of resources get in the way.

 Such people do not back down because they do not have the resources, staff or money, instead they find a way to move forward or try to move forward without them.

 10 ... are not very satisfied.

 Such people know that too much satisfaction is a silent killer to achieve their goals. When they start to feel dissatisfied, they take it as a sign of danger and expand the boundaries of their personality, they think a little dissatisfaction is good for both personal life and career.

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