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How Wife Enhance Her Honour.

 Husbands' expectations from their wives and the honour of the wife in the eyes of the husband.

   Today's husbands have following expectations from their wives ...

 1- When the husband goes out of the house shivering with the severity of the cold, the wife says, "He will come back at night and buy a new jacket for himself. This sweater is not enough in such a cold weather."

 2_If you have a cough and fever, the wife says, "Today you have seasonal flu. You will have to drink coffee when you get to the office."

 3_ If you are in financial trouble, then say, “What is the use of my jewelry? Will buy later, work with them and beware those who are upset! ”

 4_When you come back from the office working late at night, warm the heater and keep it with you and say, “What's the matter? Even in such a cold weather? If your health deteriorates, I will leave you, no ...! ”

 5_When you pick up a book to read in spite of being mentally exhausted, immediately snatch the book from your hand and say, “Dear philosopher! Go to sleep now; Socrates to Hippocrates later ...! ”

 6. When shopping, when you offer a suit of your choice to take a look at, look at it and say, "If you like it, I'll take it."

 7- When he is reminded of his parents, he should say something like, "If you don't mind and can manage, should I go to see my father and mother for one day?"

 8_When there is an opportunity for the service of your parents, give importance without loneliness and say, “Take the medicine of your mother first! The rest of the work will be done later, your first duty is to serve them. ”

 9_ When your parents agree to separate you, there will be something like this, “Look! If you don't live with your parents, it will be your wish; I will stay here, wherever you wish. ”

 10_All these are the hopes that a husband gives to his wife, but he never thinks about how to pay for his wife's services. 

 Sometimes, if the wife wants to go to see father and mother, husband takes it off from her feet to her shoes.

So I request to all husband change their attitude,..Thanks

  Now their is some advise for wives how to keep husbands happy

   How to make a husband your friend ??

 1- The wife should be sure that no one can be her true friend more than her husband.

 2- She should not mistrust her husband but should trust him completely.

 3- Do not lie to your husband. Whatever it is, show it to him.

 4- No one should talk about her husband.

 5- She should respect and praise her husband in front of others.

 6- She should help her husband in his troubles and sorrows with her body, mind and soul, and in critical situations she should destroy herself for him. This is a very critical and trying time to gain her husband's love and trust. Happens to

 7- The husband should be happy in his happiness and sad in his sorrow.

 8- If the husband is sad or anxious, she should try to remove his anxiety and frustration.

 10_ Always take care to comfort the husband.

 11- Husband should not spend whatever money he gives, and should live contentedly in it.

 12- Do not burden the husband for personal needs and unnecessary things. May he be satisfied with whatever the goddess gives him.

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