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One Mistake + Happy Married Life.


 Eighteen years after the marriage, she realized her mistake. She married against her parents' wishes, that is, by running away. Her husband Azhar Malik never let her realize. He also fulfilled the promise he had made to her.

 He gave her all the joys of life, made her queen, fulfilled her every wish, even pleasing her parents, and did things as before.

 But today she was burning in the fire of remorse, she realized

 Something like that

 Her husband Azhar Malik wanted to marry his 17-year-old daughter but she was against her husband's decision. She thought that Jia Azhar was still young and had to study further. But one sentence of Azhar shocked her, Azhar said.. 

I don't want my daughter mix up with non-mahram, he continues 


 "I think you were seventeen years old when we became friends, and I don't want my daughter to leave me in a non-mahram relationship."

 These words had knocked him from the throne to the floor. He had fallen into a deep well of remorse. Azhar Malik had given many explanations for his silence but his heart had become desolate. He was right.

 What is Bint Eve doing today?

 For the sake of non-mahrams, she is forgetting the love of her parents for years, forgetting lies, uttering harsh words to her parents and finally the reward of their love is found on their foreheads. So that after they leave, they will never be able to live with their heads held high.

 No parent feels bad about their daughter, but one day when they hear such news about Bint-e-Hawa, they start fearing their daughter and their destiny.

 O daughter of Eve! Strengthen your character Don't forget the love of your parents for years for the sake of some loving promises. These promises are just a trap to trap you.

 If parents trust you and let you down, don't hurt their trust that tomorrow you too have to become a mother.

 Remember, a man is like a black sheet, even if there is a stain on it, it will not be visible, and a woman, a white sheet, even if there is a slight stain on it, is clearly visible to everyone. And all together they would make it even more ugly. 

     Happy married life

 When she took off his niqab, there were clear signs of distress on his sweat-soaked face. When she regained consciousness due to the wind, she said, "I will take the amulet from you today."

 This time my husband has gone to the limit of apathy.I had returned from fathers house seven days before . Instead of being happy to see me, his face withered and these words slipped from his mouth. Finally, the holiday ended. The moonlight of the day then the dark night.

 Apa looked at Parveen, who has seen more than thirty-five springs of life, paused for a moment and then thought, "Well, every time you insist on giving me an amulet, and every time I tell you to fight some practical tricks and Try to win your husband's heart but today I will give you an amulet but on one condition.

 She immediately said, "I accept your every condition."

 Apa is a little bigger but very confident. The only condition is that you will go home and open it. It will have a recipe written on it. You have to use it exactly according to this recipe.

  Parveen promised .. In fact, she was sure that Apa's amulet would be aimed at the arrow because her mother had told him about Apa that if Apa gave him the amulet, then his disgusted husband would die again. Will start filling. 

 Half an hour later, Apa gave her a piece of paper and all she wanted was to read it now, but she could only go home and see him as promised. Then, as soon as she got home, the first thing she did was open the paper. What? As she read the text, her astonishment increased. It was written.. 

 Before using the amulet, you need to wash your scalp oil and dirt with a good shampoo, bringing them to the point where your husband is convinced that your hair is really beautiful.

 You have to convince your husband that your face is still fresh and beautiful by removing the frozen but invisible layer on your face and neck due to sweat and dirt.

 You have to dress in such a way that you know that you are not the wife of a poor husband but the wife of a well-to-do husband and this blessing of Allah is evident in your dress and appearance.

 You have to fix your dirty elbows and cracked heels so that no one will suspect that you are a maid or a village woman of the ugly type.

 To do this, you need to moderate your diet and get regular exercise.

 Then she was opening the amulet which she had used. The text of the amulet on the piece of paper was opening more doors of surprise for her. These were not the words of Jantar Mantra but clear in simple language. As written

 At least six months after following the recipe, go to your husband and say, "Am I not the one you chose to marry? What happened? I spent more time raising children and serving my mother-in-law." Being busy, she forgot that you had chosen a beautiful girl, not a dirty old woman. I apologize for the mistake of considering you an angel instead of a man.

  Parveen was reading the amulet and felt herself standing on the bridge.

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