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Save Yourself From Cursed.

Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):

 This is the way of your Lord when He seizes the wrongdoers in the towns. Indeed, His seizure is painful and severe. (Surah Hud-102)

 It is the misfortune and backwardness of man to oppress the slaves of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), to kill their rights, to crush the weak.

 "Fear the person who has no helper other than you."

 There are many shocking examples of such tyrants in the history of nations.

 For example, Amir ibn Tufayl was the enemy of the life of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and he wanted to kill the Prophet (peace be upon him). The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) cursed him and Allaah removed a lump in his throat from which he died screaming in pain.

     Arbad ibn Qays used to persecute the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) cursed him, and Allaah struck him and his camel with lightning.

 When the Hajaj bin Yousaf kill Saeed ibn Jubayr, a few minutes before his martyrdom, Saeed (may Allah be pleased with him) bids him farewell. Don't impose it on anyone after me. So the abscess came out in the hands of the Hajaj and spread all over the body. Cow-like sounds came out of his mouth, then he died in a sad state.

 Sufyan Soori hid in fear of Abu Jafar Mansoor. He left with the intention of entering Haram Makkah. In which Hazrat Sufyan Suri (RA) was hiding, Hazrat Sufyan (RA) murmured and grabbed the curtains of Kaaba and prayed that Mansoor should not be allowed to enter Kaaba. So he died near Bermimon before entering Mecca.


 Mu'tazil Qazi Ahmad ibn Hanbal took part in torturing Rehmat-ul-Alayh. He was paralyzed due to Imam Sahib's cursed . He used to say that if a fly falls on half of my body, then the Hour will be known But even if half of the body is cut off with scissors, it is not known.

 Ahmad ibn Hanbal (may Allah have mercy on him) also gave a cursed to Wazir Ibn Ziyad. I put the nails.

 Jamal al-Din al-Nasser imprisoned the righteous Muslims, where Muzaffar Hamza al-Bassyouni tortured them and said arrogantly, "Where is your God? I will chain him too." He was on his way from Cairo to Alexandria. The car broke down from the truck. There was iron in the truck. Iron penetrated into his body from head to toe, which was removed from the body with great difficulty. The whole body was torn to pieces.

 Lesson: - "Beware of the blasphemy of the oppressed because there is no hijab between him and" ".

            * Mother's curse *

 By the way, I have spent my whole life listening to people's stories and tales of their lives, but the story that I will never forget belongs to a person who came to me with a broken heart and began to say, My home life is ruined, I am married my first wife leave me then after second marriage I no longer live with my second wife, my children do not respect me, I have no value at home, it seems that I treat my children like this Lost as if all my business projects are closed due to losses, it seems that every door of this world is closing on my mouth now, there is no way of life left open for me. 

 I wanted to ask him many questions so that I could find out the reasons behind all his failures but this person was so frustrated that he could not answer any of my questions directly. Then all of a sudden he interrupted me and said to himself; I want to save your time and tell you briefly and I am sure that all my failures are due to my mother's curses. I always rejected and disobeyed everything he said, not only did I not respect him at all, but sometimes I even raised my hand against him. I always preferred his wife to his mother. My mother was quiet by the way, but whenever I came home, it was as if she was muttering something under her lips. Now I understand that his muttering actually meant cursing me. Just know that this is the only reason for all my problems.

 I said; You are absolutely right that the only sin that is hastily punished in this world is disobedience to parents. But still nothing went wrong, I just say go and apologize to your mother immediately, just once you fall at his feet and fall in love with his head, then he forgot all your shortcomings and hugged you To apply Hearing this, tears flowed from the eyes of this man, he started crying. How can this be now that she is dead? My greatest misfortune was that I did not even bother to attend his funeral.

 Let's take the opportunity to tell you the story of a dear friend He was not well-educated, he had a very small business, but he had a clean house, a good-natured housewife, and dear children at school. I once asked him the secret of his happiness and the reasons for his success and he said it was all the result of my mother's prayers. He says that when my mother was alive and I would go home and kiss her on the head, she would pray to Allah to keep your head always high. That is why I am surrounded by the Feast of Blessings today because of this prayer. I also know a businessman who is one of the richest people in the world. He himself told me one day that behind all my progress and wealth is the love and devotion of my parents, their pleasure and prayers.

 These are stories I will never forget. I have seen with my own eyes the resentment of many parents towards their children and the words and curses that came out of their mouths. Like once I was on a plane. A mother sitting a few seats away from me was cursing her child, who was barely four years old. His curses were such that my heart began to sink, I felt as if this plane had crashed today. I ran to the mother and explained to her with great compassion. How is she talking Do you not remember the blessed saying of the Master of the Universe, peace be upon him, that there are three supplications for which there is no doubt? The curse of the oppressed, the prayer of the traveler, and the prayer of the father for the children.

 So it is certain that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) has a clear position that we should always pray for the good of our children and not for their ruin and evil. The meaning of another hadith is as follows: Do not curse yourself and your children and your wealth.

 It is important for parents to control their anger and control their words, especially when they are angry. The words that come out of their mouths in such moments may ruin the lives of their children. Some stories are very popular in Kuwait and are common in every language. One of these stories is that when a mother is angry with her son, she raises her hands to the sky and says, "May Allah never give you a son." ۔ God made it so that he had six daughters in a row and he was always deprived of his son's sustenance.

 There are many alternatives to cursing and cursing when angry with children. Let us say this for them; O Allah guide these children of mine, make them cool and comfortable in my eyes, help me to train them well and better, make them honorable, make their morals good, make them good And grant them the companionship of righteous friends, make them memorize the Qur'an, keep them safe from evil companionship, open their breasts, make all their deeds easy, guide them, the plots of the devil. And shelter from deception. Or may Allah make my children among the believers, the righteous, the pious, the pious, the pious, the pious, the pious, the pious. O Allah, may their morals be good, may their worship be acceptable, may their life be full of happiness, may they have abundant halal sustenance, may they be safe from haraam, may they not need anyone but You. Ameen.

 I once heard a mother say such a beautiful prayer. She was saying: O Allah, make my children reflect the beauty of Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him), wisdom like Luqman, patience like Ayub (peace be upon him) and morality like our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). ۔

 I have also read in the commentary of Ibn Katheer that Allah, glory unto Him, while expressing His kindness and tolerance towards His servants, says that He bestows upon them the curses which He has bestowed upon them at such a time, on their own or on their own. He does not accept the livestock or his children when he was in a state of rage and anger and his heart's intention was not to harm and harm.

 Allaah accepts the supplications or bad supplications that are asked for in His pleasure and peace. This is the great grace and bounty of Allah upon His servants. These words are taken from the commentary of the following verse: If Allah were to hasten to deal with people as badly as they are hastened to seek the good of this world, then their respite would have been terminated. But we do not have this way, so We allow those who do not expect to meet Us to wander in their transgression (Surah Yunus - 11).

 May God bless our children and help us to relinquish this duty. Amen 

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