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Unique Way Of Children Training.


 Whenever I see a well-rounded young man, I am convinced that his father must be a good and virtuous man. The truth of the divine command "وَكَانَ أَبُوهُمَا صَالِحًا" seems to be visible. If the father is good, his children will benefit in this world.

  Dr. Nabil Awaza says that

 "When I start getting lazy and lazy in paying Nawafil, I remember the worries of my son and the world so that my laziness and sluggishness in paying Nawafil does not become a cause of trouble for my children."

 Our ability and good fortune is an important means to save our children from a prosperous life and the troubles of the world. Everyone wants their children to be good and obedient but nothing happens just by wishing We need to be good and righteous.

 Hazrat Abdullah ibn Mas'ud, while performing Nawafil at night, used to see his little child asleep in front of him and say,this Nawafil is for your bright future my son. 

 The same was the case with Hazrat Saeed bin Al-Musayyib.

 "I remember the origin of my son, more in prayer."

  (While praying, when I remember my children, I lengthen the prayer.)

 The incident mentioned in Surah Al-Kahf also shows that if a father is virtuous, it also benefits his children.

 Dr. Nabil Awaza says that a friend of mine holds a good position in a government agency in Kuwait, he spends a few hours a day in charity work. I said that if you take more interest in your work then maybe your position and position will be more. He said: "You know that I am the father of six children, most of whom are my sons and I am afraid that they may be misled. Ever since I read the commentary of {كَانَ َُبُوهُمَا صَالِحًا , I have dedicated a part of my life to charity and I am seeing the best effects in my sons. "

 Do you want your children to be righteous and obedient to you?

 Then make yourself righteous and spend a part of your life in charity. Because according to the instructions of the Prophet, Allah also helps the servant as long as the servant helps his brother.

 Children are the architects of the nation in the future. If they are properly trained, it means that the right foundation has been laid for a good and strong society. Good training of children creates an ideal society. Because only a good plant can become a strong tree in the future.

 Childhood training is very important . On the other hand, if they are not properly trained, they will not be expected to do much good after puberty. , Who did not guide them from the beginning. Good and religious training of children is the cause of good name for parents in this world and the cause of success in the Hereafter.

  While disobedient and untrained children will be a disaster for the parents in this world as well as in the Hereafter.

 The word "training" is a word with a broad meaning, it includes the training of individuals, the training of families, the training of society and society, then these categories include many sub-categories. The main purpose and purpose of all these types of training is to establish a good, pure, moral and virtuous society. Child rearing is also one of them.

 In simple words, "training" can be defined as: "Training" is the name given to changing bad habits and bad environment from good morals and habits and a virtuous, pure environment. “

 Two types of training

 There are two types of training:

 (1) Physical training.

 (2) Inner training.

 In outward training, regardless of the appearance of the child, dress, food, drink, sitting and dismissal, socializing, keeping an eye on his friends and relatives and hobbies, knowledge of his educational data and their source of livelihood after puberty. All these matters are included in the outward training of the children.

 And the inward training means the correction of their beliefs and morals.

 Parents are responsible for training their children both outwardly and inwardly. In the heart of a parent there is a natural feeling and feeling of immense mercy and compassion for their children. It is these natural paternal and emotional feelings and emotions that motivate children to take care of, train and provide for their needs. If these feelings are ingrained in the heart of the parents and at the same time they are aware of their religious responsibilities, then they should fulfill their duties And can fulfill responsibilities with sincerity in the best way.

 The Qur'an and the hadiths of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) contain clear instructions regarding the training of children. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):

 Translation: "Save yourself and your children from the fire whose fuel is man and stone."

 Hazrat Ali (RA) in his commentary on this verse said:

 Translation: "Educate them (your children) and teach them literature."

 The jurists have written that it is the duty of every person to teach his wife and children the duties of Shari'ah and the rules of halal and haraam and to strive for their observance.

 The importance of training children is also evident from these hadiths. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said:

 Translation: "No father can give a better gift to his children than to teach them good manners."

 That is, training well and teaching good manners is the best gift for children.

 Translation: It is narrated from Hazrat Ibn Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him). The Companions (may Allah be pleased with them) said: O Messenger of Allah! We know the rights of the parents. What are the rights of the children?

  "It is a great sin for a person to waste those who are responsible for them and not to train them."

 It is also a waste to leave children in such a way that they go astray, deviate from the right path, their beliefs and morals are ruined. Also, in the eyes of Islam, ignorance is not an excuse. Yes, neglecting it will not save you from being questioned on the Day of Resurrection.

 Hazrat Abdullah bin Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) said:

 Teach your children literature. On the Day of Resurrection, you will be asked about your children, what kind of literature did you teach them? And what knowledge did you teach?

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