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My daughter is my pride


A few days ago, a call started coming from an unknown number on her mobile. She received the call thinking it would be a call from a friend or acquaintance. But on the other hand, as soon as she heard the male voice, she cut off the call by saying the wrong number. That is the day and today is a day of messages and calls which do not even mention the name of the stop, she did not receive any call but kept reading the messages. He was asked for his name, insisted on picking up the phone, and his voice was praised. It was all new to chastity, a strange feeling of a young age that she was unable to comprehend.

 What if I send a message to ask who it is and why you are bothering me, at that moment an idea came to his mind. It was three o'clock at night. No matter how many times she deleted the message, she was a victim of strange six and five. Someone was anxious to talk to him, the thought was giving him an unknown pleasure. Eventually, after some thought, she typed a message. In which she wrote who he is and why he is bothering her at this time of night.

 As soon as she was near to press the button, a face suddenly appeared on the screen of his brain.

 "My daughter is my pride."

 This phrase that her father used to repeat while kissing her forehead. Thorns began to bite in his throat.

 "Only when daughters walk in society with their heads bowed are their brothers and fathers able to walk with their heads held high."

 Another sentence of Baba was said with compassion and love.

 Whenever Amy G scoffed at Baba for raising her head, a specific answer would come from Baba:

 "Chastity is the pride of one's father."

 And always dedicates this sentence to him. He felt his whole being listening, got up from bed with great difficulty. Sweat-soaked, she staggered to the balcony.

 "My daughter is my pride."

 "My daughter is my pride."

 "My daughter is very brave"

 Baba's voice echoed in my ears till now.


 Yes, Baba Jani, I am not weak, your chastity will not break your pride, God willing.

 Your head will never bow, your value will always be maintained. Your love will not be taken advantage of.

 She whispered, tears streaming down her cheeks. She quickly blocked the number. With a sigh of relief, she took a deep breath and looked up at the sky. It was late afternoon and she was about to be enchanted.

 Looking down at the courtyard, Baba, after reciting Tahajjud, stretched out his hands in front of Allah, the Lord of Glory, and began to pray.

 Ask God for his honor and dignity and may God not save him from the mire of sins. How could this be?

 She fell in love with his father at that moment. Praying for her health and safety, she stood up for ablution.

 Thrown by unknown numbers, it is the devil's trap that he throws at the delicate gender, if the target is missed from one place, he tries it in another place, and where the target is hit, shame and remorse fall on the part of the girl.

 Admirable are the girls who protect the honor of themselves and their relationships from these traps and do not allow the dignity of their parents to be tarnished.

 May Allah protect all sisters and daughters. Amen.

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